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An Around The Board Tour

Monopoly is a classic and not much has changed since the 1930s. But is that strictly correct? Should Mayfair still be top of the tree or would the Monopoly board take on an entirely new order based on current house prices?

Click the tabs across the Monopoly board to reveal how the Monopoly board would be reordered based on average house prices across the past two decades…

Position Changes

If the Parker Brothers were to invent the much-loved game today, the board would look very different indeed, with Oxford Street set to be the most expensive space on the board.

Pass Go and you’ll still be greeted with Old Kent Road and Whitechapel Road, the cheapest spaces on the board, although The Angel Islington has upped sticks from position three, climbing 15 positions to become the fifth most expensive square on the board, the highest jump of any location.

In total, only six streets would remain in the same place on the board today with a further four remaining in the same colour band.

Oxford Street has leapfrogged beyond Mayfair to join Park Lane as the most expensive properties on the board, with Mayfair dropping into the oranges according to the study!

The Board in 2021

While many would be cashing in on the stations still in a 2021 Monopoly, although we’d perhaps see the likes of Euston and Waterloo today, what would be the areas of London most sought after on the board?

Click the arrows on the Monopoly cards below to work your way through each street to uncover how much a home would set you back today, alongside just how much their positions on the board have changed down the years…

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Board Position
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Today (2021)
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21 years ago
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Average House Price
Today (2021)
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21 years ago
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